Saturday, February 11, 2006

Government opposes less traumatic abortions in Australia

I know I am only a guy, but I want to have it known that I think abortion is the right of the couple or person in question.

We recently had a debate here in Australia over a drug called RU486 or Mifepristone. Political boundaries meant nothing as moral majority Christian lawyers (our mostly male leadership) went up against the women in their own parties and our more liberal opposition representatives.

In a conscience vote (individual, not party aligned) the result was a recommendation that the veto power over the use of the drug would be taken out of the hands of our openly Catholic, anti-abortion health minister, and would be the responsibility of the experts - the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). After all, these are the unbiased experts who are allowed to look after all other drugs that are prescribed in this country.

The government is concerned that these people are not elected, and therefore not representative, but politics swings in fads, peoples rights and wellbeing should be a constant.

Leave the authority over drugs to the experts, not the moralists.
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