Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Kids are scary

When do we stop being the kid, and become the adult? is there an age or an event or moment that triggers our status as an adult, or is something deeper? I'm thinking about this because there is a lot going on that raises this and other questions about kids and their accountability for their actions.

The most horrific was an eight year old boy in Queensland who invited his friends over (aged ten and eleven i think) to rape their three year old neighbor. The ring leader cannot be prosecuted, counseled or any other enforced means of punishment or monitoring because of his age. He is not even banned from seeing the girl he raped.

Then there is the group "Prussian Blue", 13 year old twin girls from California who perform songs of hate and white supremacy. Their web page and songs carry on about how down trodden we whites are. As if we have time to think about it whilst we rule the world, raping and pillaging the developing world and banning them from defending themselves. Two fourteen year old girls were arrested yesterday for the murder of a taxi driver. They beat him to death, stole his phone and his taxi, and then were picked up shop lifting. They were too scared to appear in court this morning, but not too scared to beat the old man to death and steal his things.

When I was fourteen i was a bit of a little shit, but drinking, a little shoplifting and a few other nefarious activities were the limit. I didn't even like fighting, forget about killing anyone. Is the world different now? I wasn't sheltered as a kid. I saw shit, but this disturbs me.
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