Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Door Etiquette 101

I am a public transport user, a door user and a lift user. I think I have it down now.

If someone is exiting a door, train, tram or lift, and you want to get in, you wait, stand back, and let people get out. It makes more room for you when you do get on, but also, I think perhaps that this is common courtesy.

A simple, unwritten rule that any intelligent person should know instinctively is the correct way to behave. Correct? Well, apparently there is a lot of confusion out there.

I see people every day barging onto trains, into lifts and through doors of all descriptions. My favourites are the slightly overweight suit wearing guy who pushes through the crowd of vacating commuters on a train to then sit and take up a whole disabled seat.

Or the lift user who is obviously afraid of the door taking off a limb. As soon as the door opens they dive in, colliding with anyone hoping to get off. Often it is the same person who decides to stay in the doorway facing inwards, impeding others from also boarding the lift.

I have thought seriously about starting a Door User Group, with a helpdesk. Maybe the number can be displayed on particularly tricky doors, like those on trains.

A typical Door User Group helpdesk call......

  • Operator - "Helpdesk, please state your question clearly"
  • Door User - "ah, yes, is it acceptable to push old ladies back into the train whilst i scramble for a disabled seat?"
  • Operator - "I get this one all the time.. the answer is NO YOU FAT SLOB. Anything else?"
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