Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Theres another bug up my arse...

The new IR laws don't really affect me personally. I am on a good deal workwise, and I have the skills and know-how to find a job if times get tough.

I don't have a family to support and I am not hooked on expensive cars. I'm not paying off a house, in fact the only person I owe money to is my Dad. And still a bit of HECS to go too.

Despite all of this however, I oppose the new IR legislation whole heartedly.


Because I care about people, especially families bringing up kids on one wage, more than I care about money.

You try it some time. Its not just the money, and worrying about making ends meet. Its also about the insecurity of knowing your employer has no lawful requirement to strenuously ensure that all is being done to keep you in your job. I am the product of a single parent family. Dad worked a manual job, and brought up two kids. We were real working class. Clothes were hand-me-downs, family had to help out a lot. Times were tough. We only noticed a bit, as it was just a fact that things were a bit tough.

From my memories of those days, things really don't need to be made harder for people by changing legislation to take due responisbilities away from emlployers that ensured employees got a fair chance, fair pay, and a comfortable workplace. People are now afraid to complain about bad work conditions or pay, as the new dismissal laws give ruthless employers a quick and easy solution.

Employers and Employees both share the responsibility to make the workplace a worthwhile place to go each day. Employees need to behave a certain way, and meet reasonable goals. Employers should provide a descent workplace with appropriate safety and monetary conditions.

The game has become far more one sided.

Elections are fought and lost over this type of issue, however the Coalition's timing is as impeccable as ever. Mid term is a great time for this. Let the dust settle. Lets not even mention the state of the Opposition.

The voting public is to blame for all of this. We who voted properly as much as those who voted for little Johnny Hitler.

Education is the key.

People forget too easily when they hear the brand new shiny policies and promises that come around at election time.

I have a theory that John Howard commissions a powerful forgetfullness potion from CSL or Rosche or some such company. It gets released into the water supply just before elections are launched everywhere except Canberra (thats why it is so isolated). Or maybe it is a "dumb" drug. I haven't worked it out yet. I think I must have been a victim of it myself.

Another theory is that John Howard sold his soul to Satan. It must have been a long time ago, as I don't recall him having one at all in his public life.

He's blase, arrogant, unapologetic and plain old ugly. There's no way people would vote for him without some spell being cast. Forget about his "economics before social" politics, he's as evangelical and right wing as GW Bush. Just look at his views on Gays and Single Mothers.

The new employment and IR laws were set up to benefit business, not the people who make the economy tick. I have heard employers ask where company loyalty has gone. Yes, indeed. When your employees live in fear that their single income family could take a pay cut (has happened), be taken from a permanent contract to a fixed term (has happened), but still has the $250,000 mortgage that the home loan guy told them they could handle, all this on $35,000 a year - I wonder why they are looking out for themselves.
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