Thursday, July 20, 2006

What are morals?

Bush has vetoed a Bill passed by his own republican colleagues in both houses of congress. Their response to the issue, I assume, was an intellectual and pragmatic one, whereas Bush has used his first Veto in an emotional and uneducated response. Stem cell research is important, and has the ability to save and enrich many lives.

His reason was that he didn't want state sanctioned murder. Pretty rich stuff coming from the guy who set up illegal detention centres outside of the Geneva conventions including Guantanamo Bay and invaded Iraq and Afghanistan under false pretences. No wonder Bush thinks that what Israel is currently doing to Lebanon is OK.

As the US continues to colonise the physical world with its brand of so-called democracy and its obesity and complacency causing market capitalism, they also continually try to influence the moral landscape.

Did George W Bush Jnr bother to read the details of the Bill in question? Maybe he should ask someone to read it to him. The embryos the Bill is talking about using for stem cell therapeutic research were those that were to be destroyed after couples complete IVF therapy.

If it was truly all about morals, Bush would never have embarked on his war on Islam. Morals are not the sole property of the right wing Christian Evangelist Fundamentalists from the US, in fact many would argue that these guys are more dangerous and derange than any Ayatollah.

However you look at it, these embryos were not going to be come fully viable pregnancies. They are sitting in a fridge, waiting to be used or thrown away.

Bush's brand of moralism is illogical and overly emotional without being compassionate.

He has yet again proved himself to be a fool.
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