Tuesday, July 04, 2006

When will the Hicks let Hicks come home?

I'll keep this short, as I know I can get way too full on about this subject.

Those of you who have condemned David Hicks for the as yet unexplained charges against him should do some investigating. SBS and his father dug deeper than anyone in the military as to David's whereabouts at and before the time of his capture by a former enemy of the USA, a Northern Alliance warlord in Afghanistan.

Hicks was not captured in combat, nor was he working for an unlawful regime. He was there to fight for Afghanistan, a sovereign state. There was no War at the time, and no hostilities had taken place between Afghani troops and the so-called Coalition of the Willing.

The last time anyone in the region looked, the US was putting the Taliban into power in place of the Northern Alliance who were Russian Cold War allies.

Anyone who cannot see that this whole thing is a political show is either blind or illiterate. Or both.

Bring David home. Throw him in prison here if you have to. Better still, send him to the USA. He'd be out of jail so quickly over there that Bush would not know what hit him.

The whole reason for choosing Guantanamo Bay as a site to keep these poor bastards was to do exactly what they are doing. They are holding them up as examples (of what? Who knows?) whilst not granting them the rights they would have in a real war under the Geneva convention, and if they were being held ANYWHERE else in the world, including the USA, the UK or Australia.

John Howard you spineless arrogant turd, just ask nicely and get David Hicks back. You let Van Nguyen die in Singapore whilst you concentrated on cricket, and you overlooked a Federal Police fuck-up in the case of the Bali 9. A nice word for Corby wouldn't go astray either.

Dick head.

Thats all for now I guess.
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