Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why I hate yobbo football (Australian Rules) culture (or Boys Will Be Boys)

In a recent article in Melbourne's Age titled 'Nazi' hate attack probe Jane Holyroyd tells the harrowing story of a Jewish man who was bashed and vilified in his own neighbourhood and in front of his children by a bunch of yobbo footballers. The article could have had the headline "Fuckwits illustrate why football should be banned".

Melbourne is already getting a bad rap from tourists without having to deal with these immature, uneducated, mob-rule, wankers tarnishing our name even further. Individually these guys are probably the shy assholes who don't understand half of what normal people say to them. They become empowered with a flock of other fuckers around them. Gang-rape and Poofter Bashing are probably listed as hobbies on their resumes.

From the Age online October 17, 2006 - 11:50AM:

Police will interview an entire busload of footballers after some players allegedly bashed a Jewish man after a day at the races in Melbourne on the weekend.

About 20 players from the Ocean Grove Football Club had spent Saturday at the Caulfield Guineas when their bus pulled up alongside 33-year-old Menachem Vorchheimer, who was wearing traditional Jewish dress as he walked with his two children along Balaclava Road, Caulfield, about 6.30pm.

He was allegedly bashed when he approached the bus, which was carrying about 20 football players, after passengers began yelling racist comments at him.

This reminds me of stories from the Armed Forces too. Not just hearsay mind you, but anecdotal evidence from friends who enlisted. Get a bunch of young men together, feed them booze, keep them away from everyone else and teach them that they are the best there is. When they get released onto the public it is often mayhem.

I remember going on leave with some of my Army buddies and being turned away from half of the pubs, clubs and restaurants we tried to get into. It was because of past events involving guys from the same barracks. Brawls and molestation of female patrons were not uncommon.

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