Monday, November 06, 2006

saddam to swing

Another eye for another eye as Saddam Hussein is sentenced to death by hanging just in time for the US mid term Congressional elections, but when will the cycle end?

The leaders of the Coalition of the Willing (AKA Coalition of the Willing To Commit War Crimes in the Name of America) have applauded the guilty verdict and the death penalty, even those that disagree with Capital Punishment on their own soil.

Killed in this way Saddam will become a Martyr, and the most self righteous of Saddam's opponents, the morally bankrupt Christian Right in the USA, should understand the power of Martyrdom, the very concept upon which their distorted religion is based.

I don’t like Saddam, and I abhor all he did, but if our naïve leaders believe that his execution will solve anything, I fear that they will shortly see proof that the opposite is true.

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