Monday, December 11, 2006

un-americanising australia

Kevin Rudd may be a Christian and a politician, and more Centre than Left, but he's more intelligent than any world leaders of note today, and he appears to be a very very good alternative to our current brutal conservative leaders.

John Howard is not as much evil as blind to his own humanity. He is first a politician, then a money manager and also Lawyer in that order.

To Howard, people are here to serve the economy, not as it should be which is the exact opposite.

The USA is an economy with people in it, most of them struggling whilst a few of them prosper.

Similarly Howard's inhuman money hungry policies reek of American Capitalism where we force prices and wages down, use any and all resources to get the job done, and leave little or no legacy for the next generation.

We don't want to go any further down that path.

Here's a link to Howard's Brutopia, an essay by Kevin Rudd, the next PM of Australia. That's right, he is multi-lingual, good with the media, and writes very readable essays for interesting publications.

The next year promises to be an interesting one in Aussie politics.

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