Monday, January 01, 2007

Another American mistake erased

So its a new year, but the world has only changed for the worse. The US has been able to cover up another of its mistakes by killing an idiot who would have never been in power if not for the USA.

Similar to the Osama situation Saddam had a lot of help from the US to get to where he was, so the self righteous celebrations in the US indicating another despot "taken care of" are only relevant if the US changes its foreign policy and starts acting multi-laterally instead of butting in and messing things up as they so often do.

An eye for an eye? What was the first eye in this exchange?

3000 US troops dead? Who struck first and why? How many Iraqis are dead?

Why did this happen?

Who cares, because Saddam is dead?

WAKE UP AMERICA, and Happy New year.

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