Monday, July 28, 2008

My July

Door smashed

My neighbours had a domestic dispute at about 2am on the 1st July (pinch & punch, first day of the month) which resulted in a smashed glass door and a police call-out. They have subsequently denied knowledge of the breakage, blaming people who coincidentally moved out that week.

Tyres slashed/Lights Smashed

We went out to the car on Thursday morning, me with my suitcase in hand ready to fly to Sydney later that day, to find two tyres slashed. Not let down, not leaking, but slashed. Who does this kind of thing to a stranger? Already we have had our garden lights at the front of the flats totally destroyed twice and the numbers from the letterboxes stolen. Bunnings has run out of number "1"s by the way. Slashing tyres should be reserved for a jiltee in a relationship, the powerless in a real neighbourhood conflict, etc.

Identity Fraud

A person with exactly the same as me checked into my hotel room in Sydney last Thursday. I was mortified and the hotel staff were utterly confused. They tried to tell me that I had already booked in. The room was a twin share for myself and a colleague, booked under the company name. The only other room available was a king sized suite with one king sized bed. Rather than spoon, I took the big bed and demanded that a wheely cot be brought in for my disappointed colleague (he wasn't disappointed about not spooning).

Taxi driver on Crack

Finally getting back from Sydney around 8pm on Sunday, I took the first available taxi at the airport. If only you could pick and choose. The door handle was falling off, it smelled and he was a channel surfer. I am absolutely convinced that he was on a banned substance. He did not use his indicator once on the 25 minute journey from the airport to my house. He asked questions like "is there a red-light camera here" just before going through nearly every red light we came across. When we did have to stop at lights, he swore and fidgeted (a nana word, I know) and edged forward before screaming off the mark. I texted my partner to meet me out the front with cash, as I felt very uncomfortable about giving this guy my credit card. As we pulled up he said "is she waiting for you? duck down and watch this". He wound down the window and yelled out "excuse me, I have this unconscious drunk guy who doesn't know where he lives, can you please help?".

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