Wednesday, May 27, 2009

.. and Fuck Hollywood Too!

(You Lying, Stealing, Hypocritical Pricks)

Is anyone left unsure how strongly I feel about this? I have had enough of the double-standard of remaking, sorry, stealing films from overseas and from previous filmakers, and then taking a zero-tolerance stand against so-called piracy.

The 'Are remakes destroying cinema?' argument is a smokescreen, this is a trade issue.
There is no such thing as 'free trade', it is just Nuevo Protectionism, and Hollywood is yet another example of American financial and cultural imperialism.

American cinema is attacking the film industries of the rest of the world, taking whatever they want from foreign markets, then use their distribution cartels to pump American crap back into the same markets they steal from. The result in places like Australia is the exclusion of Australian film makers to the Australian market: to cinemas, to television, to DVD, and the Australian film industry whither through lack of investment and return on investment. Since VHS squeezed Beta out of the rental market, Australian video stores have had small specialist sections for 'foriegn films' and 'Australian films', leaving 95% of the shop devoted to Hollywood as the default or generic product. Some Australian video stores just put the Australian films under the heading 'foreign and arthouse', 'arthouse' being yet another term that serves to alienate audiences. To put it simply: Australian films are often considered, in Australia, an alien and inferior product to the default or generic Hollywood film industry ...this can hardly be considered an accident.

Don't get me wrong, I watch American film and TV, but would be happier about it if they focused on quality not quantity, also, if the industry wasn't (as outlined above) designed to destroy and replace the film and TV industries of other nations - only to replace diversity with so much of this content-poor homogeneous crap, and rip-offs of the products produced by what little that survives from the markets they attack. I acknowledge that a 'do unto others...' type approach from a nation that proudly proclaims itself as 'One nation under (a Christian) God' is most unlikely. For this reason I watch as much film and TV from places other than America as I can if a film or TV program has managed to get itself distributed or broadcast, despite American distribution cartels, despite the numerous (unrepentant) copies from Hollywood, it's likely to be something special.

So what prompted this rant? The 'straw that broke the camel's back' was an American film (rip-off) called 'Quarantine' (review/outrage below)

So while this blog might be called Fuck Off Krispy Kreme, today I say '...and Fuck Hollywood too!

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