Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ban yourself from facebook, cos nobody else will

I love this concept. You can ban yourself from websites you are addicted to. Stuff net nanny and Internet censorship! We know what's bad for us. Self control is all that's missing, all the wanky lifestyle gurus would agree. Even the bible craps on about self control. It's what makes us human.

So, to bring a rant back on to target, this site keepmeout.com can help you to control your simplest or most devious Internet habits in a few easy steps. It's a little like a breathalyzer activated Ignition Interlock or a "think before you text the ex" app on your phone.

You simply register a bookmark with them, set the new bookmark on the keepmeout site as your bookmark for the focus of your evil habit and voila. You can even use this tool to curtail, but not cease, the offending tendency, for example you can limit yourself to visiting Facebook to once a day.

Go ahead, kick that filthy Facebook habit, ban yourself from eBay for a week, or just boycott all Newscorp websites.

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