Sunday, December 11, 2011

an open apology to the world

I've said some very bad things, and had terrible thoughts about quite a few people lately. Feelings of anger and panic can make you say bad stuff. I need to confess, as the world hasn't let me down and as the dust settles, I'm actually in a much better position financially, in my career and our new house is nicer than our old one.

In what felt like the worst week of my life, the employer that made me redundant became the worst organisation in existence. Similarly, the landlord and real estate agent who served our "notice to vacate" in that same week were the worst people in the world!

Many strange and coincidental things have happened lately that have made me look over my shoulder more than a few times.

The strange theme continues regarding where we will live and where I have started in my new job. The house we have leased is less than a block away in the same street we've been in (and loving) for over three years.

My new job is with someone I have known for over ten years who has been my mortgage broker for the past five years. I actually went to meet with him when I was made redundant so that he could help me restructure my finances and not starve. In the first five minutes he offered me a job and temporary accommodation. Now I'm helping him restructure his company!

Thanks to everyone who has commiserated, wished us well and offered assistance. The world is not as bad as I thought, and I am now looking forward to 2012.
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