Wednesday, June 20, 2012

.... i blame the earthquake

We're lucky in Melbourne. We live in a beautiful city in a pretty good country, we're very rarely affected by natural or manmade disasters. Our leaders are no more or less competent than any others, but at least they are democratically elected, if that's something that means anything to you.

In fact, upon reflection, you could say that Melbourne is a bit boring. I certainly wouldn't say that, as I beleive there is plenty to keep a person occupied here, but in terms of hard hitting sensational or tabloid news, car crashes and very infrequent gang related crime is as exciting as it gets.

This probably explains the virtual hysteria that swept the State last night when a 5.3 earthquake hit Moe (pronounced "mow-ie"), a remote town in the outer reaches of Melbourne's urban sprawl.

I found out about the quake on Twitter before I felt anything. I expected the ceiling to fall in with the amount of chatter and hysteria, but I honestly thought the vibration I finally felt was more attributable to my sub woofers than the quake.

Things have been quiet in Melbourne for far too long.
We're too sheltered. Our State Emergency Service (SES) received hundreds of calls, including some from 100km on the other side of Melbourne, but damage reports are minimal and focused on Moe.

Chattering of your good china in the kitchen cupboard, or your cat freaking out does not require a call to the SES, a volunteer organisation that is stretched at the best of time. The people of Moe will be cleaning up for days and assessing the damage, but those in the rest of the State have nothing more than a talking point for a few days to come. A week or two if they are really bored.

Occasionally we all buy into the hysteria. When my tram broke down this morning, I will admit that my first thought was, "I wonder if this is because of the earthquake". I was mildly traumatised, but I didn't call the SES!

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