Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Review of Half Way Home by Hugh Howey

Well, it looks like the Wool phenomenon is not a fluke. Half Way Home is another imaginative and thought provoking book from Hugh Howey. 

After reading and thoroughly enjoying the Wool Omnibus and First Shift, I tossed up between some of Hugh's earlier work, passing on Molly Fyde because it sounded like teen fiction. That's not a criticism, as I'll read anything that is entertaining and well written. 

Half Way Home is also about kids, but something about the blurb on the Amazon Kindle store won me over, and I'm glad it did.
Lately when a bunch of teenagers are thrown together in a book or movie, there's usually at least a vampire, a werewolf or a wizard involved. Not so in Half Way Home.

Here we just have a bunch of test tube babies who were not through their growth cycle when they were abruptly born into the perils of an alien planet. Giant trees with matching caterpillars and a crazy AI dog the kids as they go through a relatively short struggle with the big questions: why are we here, what happened, why did it happen and who can I count on. 

The bulk of the story spans only a week or two leading from the moment the kids are "born" to when they realise what is actually going on, then what they do about it. 

I found myself wondering what happened next when I finished the book. That's always a good sign.

On the strength of this and the Wool/First Shift I guess I now owe it to myself to read Molly Fyde.

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