Monday, September 30, 2013

I don't have anything in particular against Clive Palmer, but.......

Is there really a constituency in Australia, or even the world who would find Clive Palmer representative of their social political concerns and issues?

The only way he will win Fairfax is through an expensive process of challenges powered by a top notch legal team most people would never be able to access.

I'm reminded of the gun toting scumbag Gorge Zimmerman who murdered a young Trayvon Martin in cold blood. Palmer is nothing like Zimmerman obviously but the legal scenario smells the same. Money wins! Zimmerman was backed by the NRA because he exercised his ridiculous right to carry a gun.

Palmer, who may or may not be a good person, is using his wealth to turn this election into an American style political circus.

He's only in it for himself and the rare few who share his views and concerns. When he wins his Senate seat, and he will, we will be one step closer to the American model of an apathetic electorate voting for the guy with the biggest wallet.

Who knows: if we abolish compulsory voting, Clive could become PM!

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