Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tattoos are evil and will make your children worship satan

How does a piece of ink on your body make you a bad person?

I was reading Inked recently, and it made me remember all of the times I have seen people who stand out being marginalised. A piercing here, an interesting haircut there.

People judge very quickly those who look a little different. I don't get too much of this, as I have to remain pretty corporate for work these days, but if anyone sees my tatts or piercings, usually on the weekend, the gym, beach, or just out and about in short sleeves, they look at me completely differently to when I am in a suit.

It goes both ways too. I can go somewhere on the weekend "dressed down" where I go during the week dressed for work, and get better service if it is a hole in the wall record store, or a "student" eatery. Its still me.

Anyway, if anyone reads this, check this article: Woman asked to leave aircraft

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