Thursday, June 08, 2006

Body-piercing has dangers and is uncool for Christian teens

Apparently God is like my old wired uncle. He has a problem with homosexuals, non-anglo saxons, women, and now people who modify their bodies. Or at least according to this site.

Of course hose of us who are not into judging other for their appearance, and reading things in context, know that people can express themselves through "free will", a god given faculty. We also know that the bible, particularly Leviticus, frowns upon pagan rituals of cutting and scarring as an act of worship to unsavoury deities.

Apparently pierced people are discriminated against too. Maybe if they are completely covered in metal and determined to work for a conservative accounting firm, but people need to consider where it is they want to work, and how tolerant their chosen industry really is.

I am HR manager for a consulting company, and i have hired pierced and tattood people. No facial tatts, no giant piercings, but also no-one with these applied.

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