Wednesday, June 07, 2006

ladies, stand up and be counted, but don't forget to shake

I accidentally came across an old press release for the p-mate recently.

Why did it never take off?

Finally women were given the opportunity to pee with the boys, and only a few scruffys took it up. I know all sorts of women, ladies, sheilas, birds and girls, and none that I know of have tried it.

It looks a bit like a freaky shoe (pic attached).

Invented by a Dutch woman, the P-mate is said to be a convenient and hygienic way to get around those massive lines to the ladies room.

We all know that half the traffic going that way is to straighten hair, drop a pill, vomit food, or talk about which guy, so the women who just want a piss can head off to a urinal or basin, or duck out to the carpark to relieve themselves.
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