Monday, June 26, 2006

God told me to become an IM (Instant Messenger) terrorist

I like to think I use Instant Messenger technology a little differently to many out there. When I'm online I get the sex fiends, the innocents, the lonely and the plain boring. I have a IDs for Skype, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo and Microsoft MSN. MSN and Yahoo are totally overrated and full of idiots and kids, but I urge the argumentative or angry people out there to try ICQ and Skype.

On both of these Instant Messenger communities, you can search (and be found) based on profiles set up by the user. Many people share far more than you would think. You can search, then pick a fight with a likely candidate of your choosing.

Last night I was found by a 27 year old girl, one of those innocent virginal freaks, living with her parents, devoutly religious and waiting for Mr. Right (actually, praying to find him).

I started off nice, but led into a discussion on Catholic corruption and the paradoxes between Catholic doctrine and the literal Bible.

As is so often the case with people who try to peddle God, she was a rote learner, and couldn’t construct a valid or cohesive argument. We also discussed marriage, divorce and annulments. She was incensed that I thought annulment and divorce amounted to the same thing.

I am not a religious man, but I believe that religion plays an important role in the world, as it always has. My gall is raised when people cannot tell you what they believe with any detail or complexity.

I told this girl that using the words “belief” and “faith” simply acknowledges that what you have is a theory, and not a fact. And with this being the case, there is room for other theories.

She said that she respects other people’s opinions and views, so I asked if the fact that I don’t accept the story of Jesus was ok.

She eventually admitted that she thinks that all people who do not believe in Jesus are wrong, and will suffer eternally come Judgement Day. The only way to salvation was to receive and accept Jesus.

I reminded her that her book and her church encouraged people not to be judgemental.

It really went on and on like this. She got confused, and had obviously not read all of the bible. She got angry and indignant then pulled out old faithful “until you accept god, you won’t understand”.

It’s a shame for religion that parishioners do not take more care and responsibility. Whilst religion is a personal experience, it is also a communal undertaking in most cases, and the religious person has a responsibility to the church, becoming an ambassador. The more naive and one eyed the person, the worse the church looks to outsiders.

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