Sunday, June 25, 2006

A boy named Sue (and Mimi and Merlyn...)

I know the world cup is on at the moment, and it is consuming the world with a fever pitch unlike anything else, but please gentle soccer hooligan, spare a thought for those of us with a more gentle constitution.

What are we to watch, whilst the Football dominates all else?

Well, it just so happens that I have found something.

This past weekend, Miss Waria Indonesia was chosen in Jakarta. Waria is a cross between the Indonesian words for Man and Woman.
Right now, countries around the world are in the process of choosing their representatives for the 3rd annual Miss International Queen, a worldwide competition to be hosted this year by Thailand.

Last year, American contestant Mimi Marks, then 34, took out the coveted trophy.

It appears to be a glamorous and entertaining competition, and it includes contestants from all over the globe, so why don’t we hear anything about it here?

I saw a brief fluff piece in MX on the train on the way home the piqued my interest. It contained a picture and that was it. I searched online and found very little relevant information except for the official site and an article from last year in a Pakistani paper (above).

This smacks of Eurovision, the worlds greatest entertainment competition. It will be relegated to the fluff pages of the newspapers, and maybe SBS will do a short piece, but aside from that perhaps as a country we are becoming too sensitive, too old, and too right wing.

Last years competition in Indonesia was marred by vocal religious protests. The objection was that Transgender/Transvestites should not be acknowledged, and should not be made into role models. I guess violent religious extremists are much better role models.

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