Sunday, June 25, 2006

Americans speaking intelligently about America....

ABC Radio National has some really fascinating programming aired at the most bizarre times. I was awake late on Saturday night/Sunday morning and had RN on in the background.

The program was called New Dimensions, and the topic was Turning America On.

Of course, it has happened before. American's can be intelligent, insightful, and even critical of their government's policies. Noam Chomsky springs to mind. Michael Moore does too, but I'm not sure if he is an entertainer or a satirist. New Dimensions just seemed more topical, less intellectual (than Chomsky anyway), but not "dumb".

This week's guest was Steve Bhaerman, a kind of political satirist and commentator, though he is hard to define. He was witty, frank and scathing of the US administartion. It's really worth a listen, as it is not a rant, a rave, or an unwarranted attack, instead it comes a ccross as thoughtful and reasonable and quite entertaining.

"People need to wake up. This is not a matter of Democrats and Republicans. It's a matter of there's been a huge brainwashing in this country. We're up to deprogramming. That's what this is all about."

The program is aired out of California and re-broadcast on Radio National.

Listen to and watch your ABC. It belongs to us all, and tends to be a lot more informative and entertaining than its in-bred commercial cousins. Next time you listen to "Grubby and Dee Dee" or watch "Big Brother" and you notice that your brain has begun to switch off, change stations. That is, unless you like living in a coma.

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