Thursday, August 17, 2006

the horror, the horror.....

I am currently on a project way out in the burbs of Melbourne. Glen Waverley to be exact. Next to Brandon Park shopping centre. Got the picture?

I keep having to explain to locals what shoes are and why we wear them.

I suppose I have been to worse places, but not voluntarily. The work environment is actually quite good, but the geography really lets it down.

So I arrived here yesterday quite tired and loaded with all of my work related literature and security passes dangling from my neck for each floor and lift. As I slammed the door of the car, I spotted a glint of metal. It was my car keys. Still in the ignition. Fabulous!

But what could I do? I cancelled RACV.

Think man, think.

The only option was to call my younger sister. This 31 year old mother of three has a knack for breaking into cars. She doesn’t do it for a living, nor even a hobby, but when necessity dictates she’s there in a flash.

An hour later I had my keys. No dignity of course, but who needs that?

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