Saturday, August 05, 2006

Permanent humiliation

Ever got a bad haircut, or had your friends shave off your eyebrows in a drunken fit of practical jokiness?

Maybe you went out an bought some crap clothes, grew an ugly beard, had uneven sideburns?

Well, imagine the uneasiness, the humiliation and feelings of futility as you waited for that haircut to grow out, the eyebrow to grow back, or the bus to come so you could go home and burn your ugly clothes, and spare a thought for Mr Cool Ice.

Bad tattoos, like bad haircuts etc., can make a person feel foolish, but unlike a haircut, they don't grow out. Imagine getting a girlfriend's or boyfriend's name or portrait carved into your flesh, then have them leave you cos you are a dickhead. Suddenly you realise that yes, you really are a dickhead. It's not like a ring you can take off and throw away. The memory remains, even if you are forgetful.

Then there is the bad tattoo artist and the poorly executed tattoo. I could almost live with a bad tattoo done by a good artist, but what about a bad tattoo executed by a hack? Check these gems out.

Tattoos can be really nice and can mean a lot. People get them for all sorts of reasons from commemoration to liberation to rebellion. The key is research. Design, Artist, Studio, Positioning, Size - it lasts a hell of a long time, so make it count.

And a big Cheers to Mr Cool Ice.

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