Thursday, September 28, 2006

Democracy II

In the last few days I posted some pics I thought were funny about the state of democracy, or the American brand of democracy which is more neatly described and defined as "represenational democracy" as my colleague Angus pointed out. This isn't real democracy. In a real democracy, its everyone who gets a say, not just those with all of the benefits afforded by their status in society.

Angus is a fiesty little bastard, so take a Think Sink, a foolish little Right Wing American southerner. Perfect prey for any kind of taunts about US democracy, but you cannot use your gun over the internet buddy.

Definition of democracy - for the Americans who are not sure.

Here's a bit of what Angus Diesel-Fumes had to say - read the rest here
I've heard one after another whiny americans asking 'why would anyone hate?' (and those few that realise there are nations and governments outside america) 'Why won't the U.N. do what we want?' It's not exactly, that the rest of the world blindly hates america. It's just we don't trust you. Between faking evidence to justify war (try Vietnam, according to CIA reports, america fired on it's own ships, to pretend that it was Vienam.), and using any pretense necessary, AMERICA HAS BEEN IN 1 WAR EVERY 3 YEARS (on average) SINCE THE SECOND WORLD WAR. Every war, there's some great reason, which invarable turns-out to be fiction, or a misdirected over reaction. It all boils down to the fact that AMERICA RELIES ON WAR TO SUSTAIN IT'S WAY OF LIFE.
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