Thursday, September 28, 2006

A day of mourning - Krispy Kreme invades Melbourne

So, back to my pet hate, American fast food. I will admit to eating KFC in Thailand and McDonalds in Malaysia, but by the time I went anywhere else I was more mature and aware of the colonialist strategy involving spreading the lazy self-righteous brand of obesity that is American "Free" Market Capitalism.

On Tuesday (26th September 2006) throngs of fools converged on an address at the less prestigious end of Collins Street in Melbourne. Sick of travelling to Narre Warren (Melbourne wasteland) and Sydney for their dose of fat, carcinogenic, deep fried balls of lard, the crowd cheered as Krispy Kreme began its reign of terror on the the Central Business District of this once great and proud (and fairly thin) city.

Radio stations, reporters and regular citizens alike greeted the invaders, oblivious of the gravity of the situation. Krispy Kreme is a disease, and it is a syptom. It is symbolic of the plague imposed on the world by a Super Power that no longer has an equal, and therefore answers to no-one.

We swallow the messages and the cheap, one-size-fits-all consumerism of the USA without question. Why? because we are stupid, just like America. It's not George Bush who is the devil as Hugo Chaves recently claimed. Bush is too inbred and stupid to be el-Diablo. It is the US political and social system that has grown out of control and beleives its own hype. This is where the evil lives.

Like the Roman Empire the USA will inevitably implode, and hopefully before it is too late.

Common tools and weapons used by the USA to colonise the world.....

Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, Seinfeld, Dynasty, Dallas, Springer, Oprah, Burger King, Country Music, Bad Spelling, Wrong Pronunciation, Placating Politicians, Wars on Terror, Friends (TV), Vietnam, Fundamentalist Christianity....... Feel free to comment and add others.

By the way, for what it is worth, someone has put together a petition "Boycott Krispy Kreme...."
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