Friday, September 29, 2006

Roadrage, vandalism, revenge and a new car

I've had a really fucked-up 24 hours. The punch-line is, my car was assaulted and badly hurt last night whilst I slept. I'll start from the start.......

My car is an embarrassment especially considering the money I earn and the fact that I drive to work on a client site every day. I have never been a rev head, so have spent very little on cars in the past. Every day I drive to the far corner of the outside carpark at my current client site (in Glen Waverley) and hope nobody sees me.

So, Tuesday night I was just arriving home when a tradesman in a white van came flying up the road on the wrong side. I was halfway through my turn when he swerved towards me, flashed his lights and started yelling. Not to be outdone, I pulled up next to him and called him a "Fucking Cunt" who "couldn't drive", I then called him a "Cock Smoker" and said he should stay on his own side of the road.

He was livid and a little speechless. He took off up the road, and for a moment I wanted to follow, as this particular road ends in a dead end, so I assumed he lived up there somewhere. I controlled my anger, parked my car (in the street) and turned my energies elsewhere.

The week proceeded as normal from then on.

So today is Friday, and I went out to my car as usual (ie, half asleep and running late). I pulled out of my parking spot, took off towards work, then tried to check my side mirror.


I tried the other one.


No mirrors. These were the kind built into the door. I made it to work without ripping off the steering wheel and throwing it at anyone. Upon inspection it looked like they had either kicked them off or used a blunt instrument. There was no other damage to the car. There is no way this could have occurred accidentally, as I parked in an alcove. Garden bed on one side, empty space on the other.

The first thing I thought was "white van guy".

Maybe he does smoke cocks and is embarrassed. I don't know. What I do know is that the white van he was driving HAS HIS COMPANY NAME AND NUMBER WRITTEN DOWN THE SIDE.

So, there may be more to this story after tonight.

The last bit. The new car bit. Thats about me being approved for a loan for a car today. Talk about a sign from the non existent holy father.
I am now shopping for my new car.

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