Friday, November 10, 2006

George W Bush - a history for dummies

Business – (1970s) Arbusto Energy (Oil), Bush's first company was partly funded by members of the bin Laden family. It has been claimed that subsequent arrangements also existed, and that this had something to do with the close ties with Saudi Arabia fostered by Bush Senior and Junior as well as the Saudi apologist policies.

Drugs – George Bush Jr has admitted to Alcohol abuse, and in response to claims that he used Cocaine, has said that he wasn't interested in discussing youthful mischief. This coming from a man who passed a law that can result in first time Cocaine users serving prison time.

Military record – He was a pilot in the National Guard. Aside from reported performance issues (nothing to be too ashamed of) involving being put back into training due to inadequate piloting skills, Bush also went AWOL for some time in 1972-73. Any other person would have been court marshalled, but the privileges of birth and political affiliation got him off the hook. It has since been claimed that he was absent due to assisting one of daddy's mate to get elected. He had requested a transfer to be in Alabama which is where the Senate campaign of Winton M. Blount was being coordinated.

Funny how even back then the defence of the nation revolved around his own finances and conveniences.

Religion – Like many US politicians, George Bush Jr. thinks that there is a God, and that he is doing His will. The odd thing is, anyone he wages religious war on thinks the exact same thing of themselves. Church and state should be separate, as this is the only way to attempt to represent at least the largest possible section of your constituency. The minute you bring your God and your moral code into the political process you alienate a good proportion of your own populace, not to mention your international allies.

Hostilities and Terrorism -

Iraq: No WMDs, No problem before the US assisted Saddam, No solution or progress in sight.

Afghanistan: No problem before the US trained Osama bin Laden.

9/11: Years of oppressive US foreign policy – a horrible outcome, but admit that there is blame to be shared.

Israel: Step back or take an active role in stopping Israel from destroying Palestine. Admit that the "state" of Israel is itself a Terrorist.

Iran, Nth Korea etc etc – keep antagonising them and 9/11 will look like Guy Fawkes Day in comparison to the outcome.

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