Thursday, November 09, 2006

the people of the USA vote, and finally they did it correctly

It may only be the mid terms, but it has certainly been a memorable week in US politics.

The Democrats have swept into power in the House and have achieved at least a tie in the Senate.

And, to place a big cherry on the top, defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld has "resigned". Few tears will be shed on either side as the most humourless, self-righteous and downright rude man in US politics tucks his tail.


It may not be the landslide that it could have been, but neither did all eligible citizens vote.

Bush will have a hell of a time in the final two years of his term as President with far fewer cronies and sycophants to ensure an easy ride for his outdated and semi-literate legislating. You can’t veto everything Georgy.

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