Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year everyone

I was true to my word and did not celebrate Christmas. Although I attended gatherings around Christmas I remained decidedly indifferent to all the hype. But I got a couple of cool presents

So, whats news?

Saddam is dead and so is another American President (just the wrong one).

Osama is still eluding the very people who trained him, whilst over the border the 3000th US troop has died in Iraq - did you know that 1,368 Iraqis died in November 06 alone, making it the deadliest month for locals since the US started this violence?

Back home we have harsher water restrictions and children are murdering each other on our streets, but the news is dominated by a bunch of old bogans playing cricket against a bunch of wingeing poms.

2007 has to be a better year.

Howard has to be voted out of office. Bush and his cronies need to lose more ground and support over there. The whole African continent needs to chill out. Everyone will give up smoking, no-one will die and the tooth fairy will appear in Penthouse.

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