Friday, January 05, 2007

Love Me, Love My Doll - our obsession with plastic has come a long way

On Friday 5th January 2007 at 10pm SBS aired a program I can heartily recommend titled "Love Me, Love My Doll".

The show is a documentary about men who prefer "synthetic humans" to "organic humans". These “synthetic” women are life-sized and sort of life-like mannequins with movable joints, a fleshy feeling, lifelike skin, mouths and yes, you guessed it "working" vaginas.

The physiques on these things is a cross between Barbie and Anna-Nicole Smith.

There are three men in the program, each with a different perspective on the Dolls.

The first is a guy who refers to the use of his eight Sex Dolls as "the highest form of masturbation". He dresses and makes his "ladies" up on camera during the program, and informs the camera that he is having sexual thoughts while doing so. He has a real or "organic" girlfriend as well, to whom he has not divulged the extent of his Doll fetish. He decides during the show that he will tell her, and show her, on his birthday. It’s really hard to sympathise with this guy, as he really comes across as a strange pervert who knows what he is doing is just creepy. When he shows and tells his somewhat shocked “organic” girlfriend she says she is fine with it immediately, but we are not shocked to hear at the end of the program that she left a week later.

Davecat was the name of the second Sex Doll owner. He was a freaky looking man, plain and simple. A mixture of Prince, Michael Jackson and the skin suit guy from Silence of the Lambs. Davecat has only one Doll and they are "deeply in love". His dilemma during the program is that his “partner” of six years needs repairs and he has never spent time without her in their time together. He puts her in a crate and sends her off to a man who specialises in repairing Sex Dolls, almost crying as he does so.

The Sex Doll or Real Doll repair man is the third person the program focuses on. He has a house full of bits and pieces of Sex Dolls. He replaces vaginas and tightens up loose joints. He even has to replace teeth. He admits that he has had sex with some of the "prettier" Dolls. His girlfriend says she is cool with it, and has come to terms with having the Dolls all around the house.

Isn't she pretty? and clever too.

Real Doll, home of the worlds finest sex dolls.

Davecat's Blog.

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