Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bush's little buddy John Howard, has lost the plot

The USA has a population of over 300 million people. Even though only a dozen or so of the inbred wing of the Bush family bother to vote, a presidential candidate represents them all (or at least the majority).

The potential US presidential wonderkind Barack Obama wants to pull troops out of Iraq, but John Howard has criticised this move. The USA has 132,000 troops in Iraq and has lost thousands. The population of the USA is unconvinced of the reasons used to invade (at that time they used 250, 000 troops.

Australia has 1,300 troops in Iraq at the moment. So where does John Howard find his international voice, and feel that he has the right to criticise? If we had a comparable ratio of troops to population in Iraq we would have 9,000 people there fighting the "good" fight.

Nearly 40 countries were involved in the coalition of the coerced, but most of them have withdrawn troops due to public opinion back home, or lack of faith in the USA and their handling of the situation.

When will John Howard stop embarrassing us and listen to the public he says he represents? The USA is in trouble and Bush is the main problem. Obama is a good option, but it may be too late for them on an international stage. In truth though, Howard may never get the chance to redeem himself if recent opinion polls and his parliamentary stuff-ups are a good indication.

Obama for President, Rudd for Prime Minister.

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Angus Diesel-Fumes said...

I don't think it was a mistake, if you recall the comments from the US about Mark Latham before last Australian Federal election, it would appear 'Little Jonny' was 'returning a favour'.