Saturday, August 25, 2007

now touring

After months in a secret studio in our nation's capital, we're finally taking this show on the road. I think the lucky and limited audience will be impressed, or at least awake, and I hope Canberra falls off the face of the earth whilst I am away so I don't have to go back.

Here's our itinerary, but don't expect to be able to attend, tickets are limited, or they were to start with, but it now seems that almost anyone who wants time off work is allowed to come along (public servants are given first preference).

Tour dates below:

Adelaide - Edinburgh Barracks
2nd September - for one week only

Melbourne - Victoria Barracks and Laverton
7th September - three week residency

Hobart - Anglesea Barracks
1st October - two weeks

12th October - two week repeat performance

Canberra - Brindabella Park and Northbourne House
21st October - I must have been bad in a former life

26th October - Unless I'm bad again I could be in Melbourne indefinately after this.

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