Thursday, January 08, 2009

John Howard wins "brown nose" medal

Former Australian PM John Howard will receive the highest civilian honour a US president can bestow during a White House ceremony this month.

George W Bush will confer the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom award on his staunch international supporters in an East Room ceremony on January 13, exactly one week before he leaves office.

Howard says he is honoured personally to receive the award but more so because of the compliment it pays to Australia.

"It's an indication of the very close relationship between our two countries and I'm very pleased that during the time as prime minister I was able to contribute too," he said.

It was also testament to the "very obvious" personal warmth between himself and President Bush.

Does this make anyone else ill?

This award has essentially been awarded to those who did not oppose the atrocities perpetrated by the US and it’s allies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

President Bush has awarded 78 medals of freedom during his tenure in office, quick George, create a legacy that doesn’t involve lies and the suffering and death of the innocent.

This reminds me of Pope John Paul II canonising a record 86 saints in his senile tenure as Pope.

I think that it is worth noting that the father of the Hydrogen Bomb Edward Teller won one of these.

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