Friday, January 23, 2009

Please aim more carefully (G.W. Bush leaves office)

I'm back after a 1 year unplanned sabbatical. I’d like to thank the parole board out at Port Phillip... no, not true. It’s been study and work commitments that have kept me from shooting off my mouth here. It’s not because I’ve been super-busy (there have been a lot of 18-hour days) that I haven’t contributed here in a year, it’s that with the work I was doing for school I didn’t feel the need; it seems that well-constructed academic essays come from the same place - use the same energy as emotive polemics (sorry, rants). I did try to keep writing, but sated, spent, energy channelled elsewhere, I couldn’t be bothered – I’ve got the start of dozens posts that I couldn’t have been bothered finishing (I might start posting those up if they interest me enough to finish them, and aren't relevant only to a moment now passed).

The thing that I regret the most in this year of silence is that I’ve missed the last year of G.W. Bush’s presidency, and the opportunity to be appropriately inappropriate about Pres Bush – the idiot and the elected leader (well, second choice).

...there are those people who say they’ll miss him. To those people I say: please aim more carefully.
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