Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My new old iPad

I will admit to being an iPad sceptic prior to a few weeks ago, but I dropped into my sister's house, where there are two, had a play, and bough one within days.

I already had a 7 inch Android tablet, with which I am still obsessed, and I recently sold my iPhone 3GS because I won a superb android phone (Samsung Galaxy S) from Crazy John's on Twitter.

I'm not an Apple hater; I still have 3 iPods of varying vintages (some are eBay bound), but I was very skeptical about the portability of the 10 inch iPad. I was also conscious of the way that iOS is so locked down, as I am a tinkerer.

All that being said, I bought an iPad generation one, wifi, 32gb, when the prices plummeted due to the generation 2 devices hitting the market, and I have hardly put it down since.

Big pluses:
- the screen: it's big, clear and responsive so that typing is much easier than on smaller devices
- connectivity: I got the wifi only version, but I recently consolidated all of my mobile data into one mobile wifi hotspot. The iPad connects almost instantly once set up and has great range. The gps is a nice to have too on a wifi only device
- portability: one of my hesitations before buying was the size of the iPad, but it fits in my camera bag in a case with my camera and extra lens. Perfect!

- locked down os: I'd love to change icons etc, but it's not a deal breaker

So far so good!

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