Saturday, October 01, 2011

even if I had killed a busload of disabled children, I wouldn't have made it to the front page of a Melbourne newspaper today

Catching up on world affairs can be tough on AFL grand final day. The major papers in Melbourne are obsessed at the best of times, but today you could get away with mass murder in the garden state.

If you're after some real news today head to google and click on the News tab. As an international news aggregator, google news categorises stories, so you have to select the sports option to see sport. As sport isn't really news, the news section tends to be more about real news.

For an international flavour try the international version of the New York Times the International Herald Tribune, or NPR (National Public Radio) is always good for some in depth news, a lot of which you can download as podcasts. If you like science and technology try the Nexus magazine website.

Alternatively, read a book! There are a few out there that are not about sport!

Location: Melbourne

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