Friday, November 18, 2011

what can else can happen to a recently unemployed guy with a baby on the way just before christmas?

Last week I was made redundant from a job I enjoyed. It was a shock, and for me it came out of the blue. Over 100 people suffered the same or a similar fate to me. It's all about the bottom line and saving money in the short term for big companies answering to short sighted boards and shareholders. So be it!

The timing could have been better, as my partner and I are expecting our first child. Due on 1/1/2012, I wanted to welcome our child into a happy, relaxed and well prepared. That was the plan!

So last night I got home and found a letter form our real estate agent in the mail. Guess what? Don't worry that you have a baby on the way, you have no job and your car is not safe for a child. Why? Because you are EVICTED!

Not the worst week of my life, but the worst week of my life in which nobody died!

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