Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'd rather stick a fish hook down the end of my penis than watch reality tv

I'd rather stick a fish hook down the end of my penis than watch reality tv. Unfortunately, this means that I often find myself re-watching old tv shows instead of anything that is on when i feel like watching.

Tv is such a boundless media that it is often disappointing to see just how especially dull the non-ratings season is going to be, especially after a dull ratings season. Sure, I should be at the park, visiting relatives, playing with my son and talking to my special lady friend, but sometimes all I want is some intelligent entertainment to distract me.

There's really no wonder that people pirate tv content from other parts of the world. There's even a growing trend towards using a proxy internet server so that your computer or device appears to be from, for example, the USA so that you can view Hulu content.

I've been using Tunnelbear, which is probably the easiest proxy server setup I've ever seen, with android, ios, pc and mac versions, you can simply switch between appearing to be in the US or the UK. There are data limits on their free account, but the paid service is pretty reasonable.

I've managed to get into Hulu and a couple of UK providers such as iTV without issues.

Having said all of this however, this season the Australian part government funded Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) should be commended for bringing us the gripping Swedish sci-fi drama Real Humans (Swedish title: Äkta människor). It owes a lot to Philip K Dick and Isaac Asimov amongst others, but it is refreshingly new.  

At least I have one weekly series to rely on this holiday season. I guess I will have refrain from mutilating my genitals after all.

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