Saturday, December 22, 2012

Why I no longer use an iPhone or iPad

As far back as I  can remember I have always craved the latest technological gadgets. Meccano sets gave way to lego, then came the walkman, cd player, and the personal computer.

l currently have too much tech in my house. 

Now that the sub genre or categories of personal media player, computer and phone are converging, I'm an avid tablet user. I've owned lots of tablets from a Chinese 7" Android tablet made by ZTE, the first Samsung Galaxy Tab, the first Motorola Xoom, the (excellent) Galaxy Tab 7.7, the Galaxy Note 10.1, the first iPad and the second iPad.   I recently took stock of why I wanted or needed this "stuff". Its a fact that only a small number of the phones and tablets in the world are used for anything work related.

Until a month ago my daily kit consisted of an iPhone 4S and an iPad 2 3G.
The iPhone is a frustrating bit of technology. The first couple of models were revolutionary. Unfortunately though the last two have demonstrated a laziness or loss of drive from Apple to the point that I can really understand their desperation regarding the copyright of a form factor. They're truly grasping at straws. The best analogy I can think of would be if Ford sued all car manufactures for stealing the four wheeled vehicle design.

I was ready for a new phone and was always happy with Samsung, so I tried out the Galaxy Note phone. l fell in love with the screen. I was ready to buy when, bang, the Galaxy Note II was announced. I ordered an International model from HK because I couldn't wait for a local release. As soon as I received it I was hooked by the beautiful screen, accurate stylus and superior battery life. I immediately gave my iPhone 4S away.

Now far my tablet dilemma.   l had always intended to use my iPad for work to justify carrying it around but it failed me terribly in the one task that could have made a difference for me. All I wanted was to take note in meetings then organise them. The kicker was that I wanted to use a stylus. l tried good styli and cheap ones with roughly the same results. the iPad just wasn't designed for this kind of use. Its really good for games, reading and surfing the net, but not much serious work can be done easily.

I recently worked in a place where the sales force were issued an iPad each, but the company had nothing work related to install on them to enhance the sales process. The idea was that the organisation would appear more digital savvy, but with a sales force who carried an iPad but distributed printed collateral, all that they achieved was to look extravagant and wasteful.

l concluded that I needed something with an active digitiser. The clouds parted and soon I owned a Galaxy Note 10.1.

l haven't abandoned Apple completely. I still love my Mac, but as far as mobile devices go, I am sticking with Android and Samsung until others catch up.
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