Wednesday, July 03, 2013

anyone but abbott - australian federal election 2013

Although I have been disgusted with the behaviour of Australian politicians of all shapes and sizes of late, I was never in any doubt about who SHOULD NOT be given a majority at election time.

At worst, I was hoping for the Coalition to get a minority, much like Labor has had to endure in the recent parliament.

Whilst I don't dislike Julia Gillard, I believe that her leadership style was not conducive to a constructive political environment in a minority government. She had too many cowboys in her cabinet and not enough positive PR hype.

Todays voter is part of the reality TV generation. Shallow for the most part, they don't do their own background research, they believe what they're told. If you do a good job whilst you're on the air, all you need to do is keep a lid on your back room brawling.

Julia never got this right. This gave Abbott's team the opportunity to say what they liked.

Unfortunately for Julia, Kevin Rudd is good at TV and one liners that suit "tv grabs". He's a bit of an idiot, he's a Christian and he seems insincere a lot of the time, but as soon as he made his play, Labor looked like a going concern once again. They actually seem to have a chance.

In fact, I almost feel sorry for Tony Abbott regarding the preferred leader poll statistics.

Even though Labor would still lose an election according to many of the polls, none have Abbott as preferred PM. The cult of personality really sucks when you don't have anything going for you!

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