Friday, September 06, 2013

DIY surgery - try this at home!

When I was young I used to use a medical encyclopaedia to diagnose ailments. I wasn't a hypochondriac; I was just curious and interested.

When I was thirteen or fourteen I had a couple of warts that I removed by burning & biting with varied levels of success.

This led me to my most invasive self surgery. I correctly diagnosed an ingrown wart, on the heel of my foot. It was uncomfortable and not responding to the smelly junk the chemist suggested, so I wondered if I could remove it myself. I read that this type of thing is not very deep and that extreme temperatures could kill it off.
I gathered together the surgical equipment: fire, a compass from maths class and some disinfectant, and proceeded to mutilate myself.

The surgery was a success and I was very proud of myself.

Since then, I have continued to self diagnose, but have avoided more self surgery. I have however, remained fascinated with self surgery and by extension body modification, piercing, self mutilation etc., so I thought I’d share the following article. It is a Self Surgery How To. Enjoy.

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